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A sweet diddy Steiff mask bear, with brass button and remains of yellow stock tag, Little Aili is only 18 cms (7″) tall. She’s in minty condition with a working squeaker, and is from the ‘button-in-ear’ series (1982-87).

Aili has lock-in safety eyes and a dark brown-embroidered nose and mouth. Her mohair is a gorgeous pale caramel (please allow for light reflections in her pics), with a separate peach-coloured mask-shaped muzzle.

This beautiful teddy is wearing her deep apricot fluffy jumper, and a fabulous, oversized hand-knitted bag with sparkle trim. Also, a red neck ribbon which is possibly original.

The mask-style bears were first introduced in 1966, and remained in the Steiff collection until 1993.


Well now, you’re probably wondering why on earth I need such a large bag. It’s not that I have anything much to carry round in it. But, I’ll let you into a secret…I use it to keep my feet toasty warm!