A delightful,one-of-a-kind Lipartoys white plush rabbit doll, created by award-winning Russian artist, Lidia Parshentseva. “Bunny’  is from Lidia’s Magic Garden series of characters, and was made in 2015.  Complete with hand-written tag, Bunny is 19 cms (7.5”) tall, including ears.

Made to look like a  well-loved antique, Bunny has a rolling head that intentionally wobbles, while the rest of him is unjointed. He’s stuffed with what feels like lead shot, and his ears are lined in pink, with obvious black stitching to resemble repairs.

Bunny’s scarf was handknitted by Lidia, and his furry suit is decorated with a bright yellow button and heart-shaped mother-of-pearl button. He’s an absolute cutie, with hand-painted facial features, including whiskers.

Lidia was the 2013 Moscow Diamond award-winner. Her ‘Bears and friends’  are all made to original patterns and completely unique.