This cute, long-nosed teddy, nicknamed ‘Larkin’, by HM Bears is 33 cms (13″) tall. He’s an exclusive creation designed by the talented bear artists, Iris & Rowland Chesney, based in the Lake District. Made of distressed bluish-grey sparse mohair, Larkin has shiny black button eyes and hand-embroidered features.

His torso is stuffed with scrunchy woodwool, while his head and limbs are soft-filled. He has exaggerated long legs and big feet, and his pads are suedette. Larkin’s head is intentionally wobbly, in keeping with an old play-worn bear, and he’s in lovely original condition, complete with back seam label.

This engaging character is wearing a beautiful waistcoat, hand-knitted by Iris. Together with her husband, she’s been making exceptional teddies for over 40 years.


Larkin isn’t the name I was born with, but suits me just fine. I love larkin’ about and showing off my huge feet. I think I would make a great footballer!