A wonderful, greatly-loved, early JK Farnell bear c.1915. Closely resembling the Alpha bear bought for Christopher Robin in 1921, Edwina stands an impressive 66 cms (26″) tall, on carded soles.

She has original nose stitching, and her glass eyes also look to be original,  but her felt pads and webbed claws are replacements, done to an excellent, professional standard.

With her long shaved muzzle and enigmatic smile, Edwina is a very expressive character. We swear we can see a mischievous twinkle in her eye! Dressed by her owner, Edwina is wearing a gorgeous embroidered wool jacket, accessorised with some of our hand-dyed ribbons.


My name is Anglo-Saxon meaning ‘rich friend’, which is often shortened to Winnie. This is very apt considering a bear very similar to myself, inspired the creation of a famous fictional character known as Winne the Pooh! 


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Character info

Endearing Edwina is completely stuffed with woodwool, apart from her paws which have been soft-filled, probably when her pads were replaced. There’s a little settlement in her right leg, otherwise she’s very solid.  Her joints work fine, though her discs are internally buckled making her arms quite swingy, but they’re nevertheless secure.

Edwina’s amber glass eyes are glued in, and one is slightly surface worn. Her mouth has possibly been resewn. The impressive long muzzle is worn and threadbare, with patched repairs and darning.

There’s also a patch to the heel of her left foot, and her left ankle is patched and threadbare. The toe of that foot has a couple of small patches too and both ears have been re-attached – one is a bit off kilter. Overall, though, Edwina’s repairs are relatively minimal in relation to her size. Generally, she’s a good sturdy ted.

Despite some obvious loss of fur, Edwina still has plenty of silky mohair, especially at the back. She’s a very grand old lady, especially if you love big hearty bears!