An early 1930s Chiltern bear, completely stuffed with woodwool, Lubin stands 46 cms (18″) tall. Apart from old replaced felt pads, very neatly done, he’s kept all his original features.

Lubin’s back-painted glass eyes, are now worn mostly clear, and he has a black-embroidered nose and mouth with the signature long outer stitches. He’s retained all his claws, and is a lovely sturdy ted.

His growler can sometimes be persuaded to make a brief grunt (depending on his mood!), and his joints work fine. There’s overall thinning to his faded gold mohair, but the coverage is nonetheless good.

This lovable, laid-back character, is wearing his Bear Factory Rules OK T-shirt, and a vintage cotton neckerchief.


I love warm, sunny weather. It gives me an excuse to find a quiet corner in the garden and spend the day just lazing about.

If I can stay awake long enough, then I like to read a good book, like the one I took with me for my photo session, called ‘The Idle Bear’. It’s just up my street!


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