Hong is a rare little ‘Johnson’s Baby Panda’ with reg.app. blue embroidered leg label for the company Johnson & Johnson, manufacturers of a wide range of baby care products. We’re not sure when Hong was made, but estimate c.1940s.

She’s unjointed with internally wired limbs, and is wood-wool stuffed. Measuring 23 cms (9″) tall, Hong’s eyes are black felt, and she has a re-sewn nose and mouth. Her claws are made of a black rexine-type material, and she has woolly black and white fur, with some baldy areas, especially at the front.

Hong is a really cute ‘pram toy’ character, and is wearing her old handmade dress with dotty black and white bows in her ears.


My name is Chinese and means ‘red’. This is a sign of good luck in China – think red dragon etc! I’m thinking of becoming the first ever lady panda footballer!

But first I need a smaller ball, as it was very exhausting trying to kick the OBN one round the garden, and I needed to lie down afterwards!

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