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An injured lilac mohair teddy bear with original shoebutton eyes, Aster is 56 cms (22″) tall and stuffed with woodwool. In the past, someone has knitted a set of replacement pads for her and, as she has a broken left wrist, wrapped it in a plaster of Paris-type bandage!

However, Aster also likes to wear her lilac mittens to keep her poorly wrist safe. She’s a lovely, pensive-looking character with an overall covering of fur, albeit faded over the years, and dates to c.1920s.


I’m named after the lilac aster flower, which has the appearance of a wild plant. The aster is strong and beautiful, with a long flowering period and has unusual, fabulous flowers, and a large quantity of green foliage. There’s 180 species in the wild, and more than 600 different varieties.

Asters come in every shade of lilac with a yellow heart, and also white and bright pink. This botanical beauty also has great staying power and flowers until late autumn. I like to think I’m also strong and beautiful, with equally great longevity!

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Character info

This rare lilac mohair bear, Aster, is still in her bloom despite a broken wrist. She’s all original except for old replaced knitted pads. There’s some settlement of stuffing in her right arm and she has a patched repair to the side of her right foot, plus a small darn close by. Additionally, both ankle seams have been stitched.

Nevertheless, Aster is a lovely sturdy teddy, and all her joints are in good working order, but her tilt growler has packed up. Aster’s broken wrist doesn’t seem to bother her too much, and she’s quite happy to wear her pretty mittens to protect it. She also wears her cute voile dress with a ‘necklace’ of lilac and purple braids.

Although Aster’s fur has faded over time, her backing cloth is still a reasonably strong colour, so she looks more lilac than she actually is!