A lovely old humpbacked American ted c.1920s, Walter is made of bright gold bristle mohair, and stands 61 cms (24″) tall. In the past, he must have lost an ear because his original one has been split to make a replacement.

Walter’s pads too are replacements, and he has a few other repairs, but is a sturdy bear, stuffed with woodwool. Wearing denim jeans and a knitted scarf, Walter is a very endearing character looking to be loved.


I like wearing suspenders because they stop my pants falling down, which would be very embarrassing! In the United Kingdom, they’re called ‘braces’.

This strikes me as being quite funny, as braces are what people wear to straighten their teeth!


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Character info

Humpbacked American bear Walter, has original glass eyes that have been glued in to secure them. His nose is missing a few stitches, along with his mouth. Having also lost an ear in the past, his remaining one was split to make a pair, and backed with brown fabric which shows some wear.

Walter’s felt pads are replacements, and he has a patched felt repair to his right shoulder, and also between his legs. He’s stuffed with woodwool, and all his joints work fine, though his legs are a little swingy, and his head a tad wobbly, but secure. There’s a few small threadbare areas, including a darn to the back of his head. Also, a black stain to the front of his left leg, plus a broken growler rattling about inside him.

Nevertheless, Walter is a good sturdy ted, with an overall sprinkling of bright bristle gold mohair. He’s a lovable character, with a sweet face, and is wearing his cute denim pants and braces, with a hand-knitted scarf.