A cheery Dean’s Rag Book ‘mouse-eared’ bear with faded footlabel c.1930s. Doddy is 44 cms (17″) tall, excluding ears, and has been professionally restored in the past. Some of his nose stitching is original, while his other features are sympathetic replacements, along with a little darning to his muzzle.

Doddy has a growler and a cute humped back, and is firmly stuffed with kapok (head woodwool). All his joints are in good working order and, despite some patchy loss of gold mohair, he still has plenty to keep him warm.

This delightful old bear is dressed in his designer-knitted jumper, along with a vintage flannel cap, replica school whistle, and Head Boy badge.


Being Head Boy means I also get to referee school football matches. It’s a tough task, managing a team of boisterous bears playing footie. They can get very rowdy.

I’ve been punched in the face so many times, I needed to visit the teddy hospital! But I love my sporting life! 

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