One of the happiest French bears we’ve ever seen, Marin is a delightful early Fadap ted c.1920s, with original chest ribbon.

He features in Eric Petit’s book ‘Les Ours et Peluches FADAP‘, and is also shown in an article by Eric, published in ‘200 Years of Childhood’ catalogue 2016 (see pic).

Woodwool-stuffed, Marin is 43 cms (17″) tall, and has original back-painted glass eyes, showing some loss of enamel. plus a black-embroidered nose and mouth. His brushed cotton pads are in good condition, with just a tiny hole to to the tip of one paw.

Marin’s joints all work fine, but his growler now only makes a clunking sound.

His fabric shows no sign of ever having been covered in mohair, so we think he was probably made furless.

There’s an old repair close to the ankle seam on his left leg, and a teeny darn to the back of his right arm, otherwise Marin is a good sturdy ted.

This wonderful character is dressed in a handmade sailor jacket, pinned with a vintage anchor brooch.


My name is the French form of Roman Marinus, meaning ‘of the sea’.

The name Fadap stands for Fabrication Artistique d’Animaux en Peluche (artistically made plush animals).

All a bit of a mouthful, so no wonder it was abbreviated!



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