This very handsome humpbacked Steiff bear, Hari, is all original except for replaced felt pads. His tiny underscored ‘ff’ button nestles snug in his left ear c.1908, and he stands 46 cms (18″) tall.

Hari’s growler still makes a willing grunt, and he has plenty of gold mohair.  This truly gorgeous character is wearing his handmade linen sailor jacket with three vintage pinbacks, including a vintage German travel souvenir ‘Laboe’ anchor brooch.


Laboe is a municipality in the district of Plon, in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. It’s suituated on the Baltic Sea coast, about 10 kilometers northeast of Kiel.

The Laboe Naval Memorial is located by Laboe Beach, along with the U-boat, U-995. The city coat of arms depicts a swan and is based on its name, as Laboe means swan in the extinct Slavic Polabian language.




Character info

Handsome Hari Steiff bear is firmly stuffed with woodwool. He has original boot button eyes and a black-embroidered nose and mouth. His felt pads are accomplished replacements, and all his joints are sound.

Hari’s left ear is slightly smaller than his other, due to an old sewn repair. But his alert expression shows he still hears pretty good. Despite overall thinning to his rich gold mohair, his coverage of fur is nevertheless plentiful.

Overall, Hari is a wonderful large Steiff, with the most endearing face. His super striped linen sailor jacket is pinned with a vintage ‘The Life Boys’ badge, which can also be worn round his neck. Plus a metal anchor badge, and old German souvenir anchor brooch from Laboe. Hari also travels with his Himalaya P & O buoy dated London 1960.

His name is short for German Hariman, meaning ‘protective’.