A groovy little Merrythought Cheeky bear with printed footlabel, Cassie is made of gold synthetic plush, and measures only 20 cms (8″) high.

All original, she has amber lock-in safety eyes and embroidered features, plus the signature bell in each ear, and  velvet muzzle.

Soft-stuffed and fully-jointed, Cassie is in lovely condition, with brown felt paw pads and a full set of claws. We’re not sure when she was made, as her label was in use from 1957-91, so it’s anyone’s guess!

This cute diddy character is dressed in her knitted flower hat and skirt, and wears an extra bell around her neck.


At heart, I believe I’m a teddy from the Sixties, because I love all things to do with the flower power era, including love & peace, and dancing to pop music. I’m cool, swinging and groovy!


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