An old dressed cloth rabbit c.1920s/30s, Granny Burrow is all original and stuffed with woodwool. She measures 48 cms (19″) tall, excluding her long ears, and has clear glass eyes. Her nose is stitched in black wool.

Granny has a fixed head and wire-jointed limbs, though her legs are now completely detached from her body! However, Granny’s gingham pantaloons keep them safe.

There’s a small darned repair to her left ankle, while her felt footpads have just a few tiny pinprick holes. Also the front seam of her pantaloons has been re-sewn.

Granny has plenty of mohair, albeit with some patchy thinning, and the back of her left paw is quite bald. Overall, though, she’s in fairly good condition.

Her fur is more grubby blonde than in our photos, and she really needs a clean, which we’re happy to do free of charge. She’s quite a character, and travels with her antique wooden crochet hook and darning mushroom.


I may be very old but I do like to keep busy. I enjoy sewing, knitting, and darning, though I seem to have lost my knitting needles during my travels.

It’s very handy being able to do emergency repairs when necessary – I even darned my own ankle. And when I split the front of my pantaloons, I was able to sew them up before I could say, Jack Rabbit!


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