On finding himself homeless, this grand old Steiff, The Duke, simply checked into the Penthouse Suite of the Savoy Hotel in London, where he was treated like royalty. We like his style, but hope they don’t send us the bill!

The Duke is currently slumming it at the OBN hostel, but intends to return to the Savoy at the first opportunity. That’s why he’s still wearing his brass Penthouse Suite keyfob, dangling from his neck ribbon.

This eccentric character is all original except for a re-stitched nose and mouth. He retains his earbutton c.1920s, and is 61 cms (24″) tall.

Faded and balding, The Duke is a well-loved bear giving an occasional growl. He travels with his old leather case, packed with essential bits and bobs. Read all about him in our description below.


In my leather case I keep various essentials, including a shirt collar for when I dress for dinner at the Savoy. Also, a pair of spectacles so  I can read the menu, and amuse myself playing with my pack of cards.

I also have a funky red fob watch from the 1960s that I picked up while shopping in Carnaby Street. But the thing I treasure most – apart from my Penthouse Suite kyefob! – is my lucky toy black horse that I’ve had since I was a cub. So it’s very old indeed.

P.s. See if you can spot the photographer’s toes in my pics, and also one or two OBN cats. They kept trying to steal my limelight!

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Character info

The Duke is an elegant, long-nosed Steiff with an accentuated hump and original features, apart from a re-stitched nose and mouth. He’s wood-wool stuffed and has a growler that makes an occasional grunt. One of his back-painted glass eyes has been glued in, and all his felt pads are repaired. There’s some pinprick holes, especially to his right paw, and all but one of his claws are intact.

Both The Duke’s ears have been re-attached, and he still retains his Steiff button. There’s a small darn to the top of an arm, and a ‘tidemark’ around the base of his head. Overall, though, The Duke is a good strong bear and his joints work fine. His gold mohair is now sparse and very faded, with areas of total baldness, so he was obviously greatly loved in his youth.

The Duke is wearing his old suede Lederhosen shorts and cotton shirt, with neck ribbon and badge saying ‘You here again?” – no doubt the Savoy Hotel gave it to him! He also wears his souvenir Penthouse Suite key fob, and travels with his leather case packed with a few personal possessions. He’s ready for the off at a moments’ notice.