A gorgeous, early JK Farnell bear dating from around 1920, Bootsie has original shiny black button eyes, tan nose stitching, and a few webbed claws remaining. His feet are cardlined, and he stands 36 cms (14″) tall.

Bootsie’s white mohair has turned blonde over the years, and his torso is very bald in places, but he’s a lovely sturdy ted, stuffed with woodwool.

This darling character is dressed in his old striped dungarees, and a hand-knitted scarf pinned with a Queen Elizabeth II 1953 Coronation Medal. He also wears a fab pair of antique French leather boots.


I’ve always been able to stand on my own two feet, but over the years I wore my footpads out, so the best solution was to start wearing boots!

The pair I currently own are even older than me – Victorian I think – and were made in France. They give me fantastic support, enabling me to carry on standing alone, unaided, and go walkabout. That’s why I’m nicknamed ‘Bootsie’, though it’s also a pet form of the boy’s name Booth, which means ‘from a market’.

By coincidence, I got my boots from a market – or at least a worldwide internet market, so it’s all very apt!



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Character info

This adorable, early humpbacked Farnell bear is all original, except for replaced felt footpads. He’s stuffed with woodwool, and measures 36 cms (14″) high. Known as ‘Bootsie’, due to his fondness for wearing boots, he has shiny black button eyes, one of which is a little surface worn.

Typical of white mohair Farnells, Bootsie’s nose is hand-sewn in tan thread, along with his claws (about four webbed ones remain and four foot ones). His left paw pad is quite heavily darned, while his other has a tiny hole. Bootsie’s mouth was kissed away moons ago.

All his joints work fine, and he’s a lovely sturdy bear, apart from around the edges of his feet/pads, where there’s some darning, and his backing cloth is a little threadbare. Despite some very patchy baldness, especially to his torso, he still has plenty of fur, albeit now yellowed with age.

Overall, Bootsie has the most gorgeous face, and looks ever so cute in his booted outfit.