Golden girl Dora is a charming Chiltern bear from the 1930s/1940s. She’s  38 cms (14″) tall, and has original amber glass eyes, and a black-embroidered nose and mouth with a broad smile. Her cotton twill pads are in minty condition, and all claws are intact.

Dora is kapok-stuffed, with a woodwool head. There’s some patchy baldness here and there, but she still has plenty of bright gold mohair, and her joints work fine.

This delightful character is wearing her lovely old handmade dress, pinned with a vintage lucky elephant brooch, plus hand-dyed neck ribbon and fuzzy felt hat.


The elephant is associated with Buddha and the Indian deity Ganesh, and can be used to symbolize power, wisdom, strength, protection of the home, fertility, and general good luck.

Many Feng Shui practitioners believe that elephants should have their trunks facing upwards to represent prosperity, good luck, and success.

Thank goodness the elephant on my brooch is curling his trunk upwards!

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