A fabulous, J.K.Farnell bear, with rare ALPHA TOYS footlabel. Barty is completely original and 43 cms (17″) tall. He has an unshaven muzzle, first introduced by Farnell from around 1926, and the squarer nose embroidery of their 1930s bears, without the long outer stitches. He also has the later non-webbed paw stitching.

Barty is in lovely overall condition, with great mohair coverage that’s mellowed from bright gold over the years. This cuddly, kapok-stuffed teddy is dressed in his gentleman’s shirt collar tied with ribbons.


Wearing nothing but a shirt collar suits me fine, because I’m a bear and I have lots of fur. But I’m puzzled as to why in the olden days, men’s collars weren’t attached to their shirts! It seems a very peculiar code of dress.

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Character info

Barty is fully jointed, and has amber glass eyes. His black nose stitching has lost a couple of threads, but all his claws are intact and his felt pads are in very good condition. There’s a voice box in his tummy but it no longer works.

Mosty kapok-stuffed, with some woodwool in his head and muzzle, this has settled a little in Barty’s arms and right leg. Otherwise, he’s in fantastic condition, having kept virtually all of his curly gold mohair.

This sweet-faced bear also retains his blue and white embroidered label sewn to his left foot. This was used by Farnell from c.1925-45, then replaced with a red, white and blue printed label.

Barty is wearing his vintage shirt collar tied with hand-dyed ribbons.