This early German bear, Josef, has retained most of his original features and measures 33 cms (13″) tall. He dosn’t have much white mohair remaining, and is firmly stuffed with woodwool.

Josef’s back-painted glass eyes show some loss of enamel, and one of his mouth stitches has been secured, while the other is an old replacement.

He also has linen pads in good condition, though soiled over time, and there’s a non-working squeaker bulging in his tummy. All Josef’s joints work fine and, apart from a couple of small darned repairs, he’s a very sturdy ted.

His backing cloth has darkened, with some patchy discolouration, and he would probably benefit from a good clean. We can do this for free on request. Overall, Josef is a lovely old character, wearing his ancient-looking Ledehrosen and a tatty bib. He’s desperate for a new set of clothes!


It’s true, I would very much like to have a smart new outfit, and I’ve found just the thing in an excellent pattern book called ‘The Well Dressed Bear’ by Geraldine Thistlethwaite.

I fancy myself in the hacking jacket on the front cover, with a waistcoat and bow tie. But I’ve no idea how to make clothes, so I’m hoping my new owner will be handy with a needle and thread – or own a sewing machine!