A charming 1930s Chiltern ted, with card-lined feet, George is 38 cms (15″) tall. His features are original, except for a re-stitched mouth, and he’s stuffed with kapok (head woodwool).

George has amber glass eyes and one is surface-worn. There’s traces of old glue behind them, so they’ve obviously been re-attached at some point. His nose is missing a few stitches, and someone has coloured them in with a black pen!

His velvet paw pads are in good condition, but the nap has partly worn off his feet, and there’s a darned repair to his left one. Also a sewn repair to the side of that foot near his toe, and a wrist repair to his left arm.

Overall, George is a well-loved character. His joints work fine, and despite some patchy baldness, he still retains plenty of curly gold mohair. This lovely old bear is wearing his hand-knitted waistcoat with pretend fob watch, dicky bow and matching hat.


I’m named after the patron saint of England, but George is also a Greek name meaning ‘farmer’. I think I’d rather be a farmer than a saint, though I like being a bear best of all, because I can just sit around all day passing the time doing nothing!



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