An unusual little pinky-beige plush French ted c.1920s/30s, Rosetta is 33 cms (13″) tall. Possibly made by Fadap, Rosetta is all original with shoe button eyes and a cream stitched nose and mouth. One of her linen pads has been sewn up so her paw is smaller than the other.

Rosetta is stuffed with kapok (head woodwool), and fully-jointed. She has a cute upturned nose and typical down-turned mouth, plus large pointy feet. There’s an old repair to the top of her right arm, where it’s been patched with felt. Also, some loss of fur around her muzzle, showing the backing cloth.

Overall, though, Rosetta is in good condition, and is wearing her pretty top and bloomers, with a necklace containing an illustration of the Eiffel Tower. She’s a very sweet bear.


My name is French and derived from the Latin ‘Rosa’, meaning ‘little rose’. I like wearing pink. It’s very pretty and suits the colour of my fur. All I need now are some sweet-smelling pink rosebuds!