A fabulous, very rare black mohair Einco Fifi cat c.1915. Fifi was made in a sitting position and has a swivel head. Her signature-style nose and mouth stitching are original, while those comical, glass ‘googly’ eyes are possible replacements.

Stuffed with woodwool, Fifi is 25 cms (10″) high, and in overall good condition with lots of fur. There’s a small area of baldness to her lower back, and her head has partly tinged to brown with age, but she’s nevertheless a lovely sturdy puss with the cutest expression.

This delightful character wears a neck collar of lemon swansdown, and travels with her personal hessian catnip sack – we’ve filled it with dried French lavender, but don’t tell her!


Einco was founded in Bavaria in 1881 by the Eisenmann brothers, Josef and Gabriel. They were initially an export agency of fancy goods and a few toys. After they opened offices in London the business grew.

Prior to WW1 they were one of the biggest importers of German toys, and the first company to introduce teddy bears to Britain. In 1900 German-born Leon Rees became a partner in Eisenmann & Co, and in 1908 set up the Chiltern Toy Works in Chesham, Buckinghamshire.  And the rest is history!




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