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This cute-faced dressed character was most likely made by Dean’s Rag Book c.1930s. Although mostly bald, Darwin still has tufts of blue fur that could be alpaca plush. His nose and mouth stitching are original, while his glass eyes replacements. He’s unjointed and measures 38 cms (15″) tall.

We think Darwin was probably designed as a Dutch bear, given the shape of his broad hips! His clothes would have formed part of his body, and it seems likely that someone decided to make him an alternative outfit. It’s an ingenious creation, very well put together, though his suede jacket is stitched up at the front, so not removable as such. LIkewise his leather boots have been sewn to his pants at the back.

This rather intriguing character is stuffed with kapok, and he carries his little leather shoulder bag, the contents of which he’ll tell you about himself.


I consider myself to be a bear of the world, and enjoy nothing better than going trekking to places far and wide. That’s why I wear boots – they were made for walking! On my travels I’ve naturally needed money, so in my little shoulder bag I carry a collection of coins, because I never know when I may need to spend a penny!

I don’t actually have a penny, but I do have an Irish coin dated 1968, with a harp on one side and a bull on the other. I also have 20 Spanish Euro cents minted in 1999, and 10 euro cents from Greece I think 2002. Plus, my lucky Queen Victoria coin dated 1887. I wasn’t born then, so I can’t think how I came by it!

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