An  early white mohair humpbacked Steiff bear, with the most beguiling expression, Alisha is 50 cms (20″) tall.

Her underscored ‘ff’ earbutton is still intact, and she has back-painted amber glass eyes. However, they’ve possibly been replaced, and she may well have started life with boot buttons. But the glass ones give her a lovely, dewy-eyed appearance.

Alisha’s original tan nose and mouth stitching are now blackened, and we think this is the handiwork of a playful child many years ago! Her tan claws are their natural original  colour, and only one is missing.

Stuffed withwoodwool, Alisha’s felt pads are old replacements, professionally done at a guess. Her joints all work fine, though they’ve slackened over time, and her neck disc is internally buckled, causing her head to slump. However, this is one of her most endearing traits, and makes her all the more appealing.

Alisha’s curly white fur shows areas of patchy loss and baldness, yet she retains about 60% overall, and is a good strong bear.

This beautiful old girl is wearing her antique broderie cotton dress, with a fabluous velvet coat, trimmed with a lace collar and decorative vintage brooch. Alisha also wears a pretty antique bonnet and pair of vintage knitted shoes.


I like to think of myself as a bear of mystery. Like how my nose and mouth turned black.

And was I born with boot button eyes or special order glass?

Also, how did I break my foot claw and lose it?

Slumpiness in old age is perfectly natural, or did my child owner carry me around by my head?

Nobody will ever know for sure – expect ME!




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