An amazing, early worn Steiff elephant with no ears c.1909. Captain Trunkley is fully jointed and stuffed with woodwool. He has original shoebutton eyes and claws. His felt tusks have mostly been replaced with cloth ones.

Trunkley is 41 cm (16″) tall, with an exceedingly long trunk. This has various repairs and the internal wire is jutting through the tip. There’s some other repairs, including to his head and both arms, and some settlement of stuffing in his legs and around his neck so he’s lovely and slumpy.

Made without pads, Trunkley only has tufts and sprinkles of white mohair remaining. But he’s a good sturdy character and incredibly lovable. Dressed in his handmade sailor jacket and HMS Bear hat, Trunkley is now retired from a life on the ocean waves.


Elephants get water with their trunks, so it’s not surprising my ancient one is exhausted. It’s jolly hard work lifting it up and down to scoop water into my mouth, so I’m greatly relieved to just sit quietly and not bother anymore!

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