A gorgeous, early white mohair German ted c.1908, Wilfie is 30 cms (12″) tall. Displaying all the qualities of a Steiff or BIng, Wilfie has original shoebutton eyes, nose and mouth stitching.

There’s some darning to his long muzzle, and some patchy fur loss, but Wilfie is a lovely sturdy bear with a cute humped back. This charming character is dressed in his sailor jacket, pinned with very old flag badges. He’s what you might call a dreamboat!


While on my boat sailing the high seas, I guess I must have travelled to those flag countries and collected a badge from each one. So, I’ve been to Porto Rico, old Jugoslavakia, and the Netherlands.

I’m so old now I can’t remember any of them! But I expect it was very exciting.

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Character info

Early German ted Wilfie is firmly stuffed with woodwool, and fully-jointed. He’s all original except for three old replaced felt pads. The tip of his left paw pad has been patched with blue check fabric. Wilfie has a full set of original peachy-beige claws. Unusually for a bear of his smaller size, his nose is vertically stitched, otherwise he’s very BIng-like in appearance.

Wilfie’s protruding muzzle is darned on both sides, and there’s a small darn to the left side of his face. His growler now only makes a gentle clunking noise. Although Wilfie has areas of patchy baldness, his white mohair is still plentiful, especially at the back.

Overall, he’s a good strong bear, and is wearing his sailor jacket, pinned with old flag badges, plus a red, white & blue neck cord. A very fine bear with the most exquisite face.