An enchanting, early German ted with a long pointy nose and shoe-button eyes. Alissa is all original and measures 44 cms (17″) tall.

She’s lovely and slumpy around the top of her torso, where the wood-wool stuffing has settled, and has luxurious thick gold mohair. Her felt pads are worn, with a few holes and repairs, otherwise Alissa is  a very sturdy bear.

This delightful character is wearing a long cotton dress and floppy hat, plus a little bag for carrying her hankie.


A lady bear should never go anywhere without a hankie. It’s a very useful accessory, because you never know when you might need to blow your nose, dab your mouth, or wipe your paws after eating honey.

I also use mine for attracting the attention of other bears. I wave it about, like a flag, and they know I have something important I want to say.  I don’t have a growler, but I do have my lace-trimmed white hankie!


Character info

Early German bear Alissa, has original features including shoe-button eyes, and felt pads that are all worn with some holes and patched repairs. Only a couple of threads remain of her nose stitching, and her mouth is long gone. Her long pointy muzzle has a few stitched repairs, and there’s also a small darned repair to the back of her head.

Alissa’s wood-wool stuffing has more or less disintegrated in the top of her torso, making her endearingly floppy. Her joints all work fine, despite some internal buckling of the carded discs.

Overall, Alissa is a lovely strong ted. Although she has some loss of fur, especially to one side of the back of her head, her dark gold mohair is plentiful, and velvety soft.

This engaging character is wearing a handmade dress and floppy hat, with a little home-made bag to hold her handkerchief.