Trinny is a worn, but very appealing bear c.1913. She has bags of character, including the most fantastic muzzle!

Standing 46 cms (18″) tall, Trinny retains her original brown nose stitching, but her mohair is sparse nowadays.

Showing her age, yet determined to stay forever young, Trinny is wearing her old school uniform, in the headstrong spirit of those fictional St.Trinians’ girls!


I loved being at school and playing lots of pranks with my bear mates. Making stink bombs was our speciality! Lessons were boring, and exams YUK!

But it was all such fun, I’m now planning an old girls’ reunion where all wear our uniforms and wreak havoc on unsuspecting adults.

So watch out, I may be very old now, and running away is out of the question with my dodgy ankles, but I’ve still plenty of life in me!




Character info

Trinny has lost much of her gold mohair over the years, and is a worn old girl with a particularly decrepit left arm. She’s heavily stuffed with woodwool, and this has settled in both ankles making them floppy. Her nose stitching is original, while her shoebutton eyes are old replacements. Her pads too, were recovered long ago, and she has various patched and darned repairs, notably to her arms and muzzle, plus the back of one ankle.

Threadbare and fragile in places, with a few small holes, Trinny’s joints are secure though her left arm disc is internally buckled. She has a broken tilt growler, and a few tufts of mohair here and there.

We’re not sure where Trinny originated, but it was probably Germany. Despite her worn condition, she’s still a sturdy ted, and truly appealing in her vintage school uniform. This includes a 1960s grammar school money belt, Head Girl badge, and handmade felt shoes. What’s not to love!