This charming, very early American Ideal bear c.1905, is all original and is 41 cms (16″) tall. Her head and torso are stuffed with woodwool, and her limbs cork chippings.

Ellie-May’s felt pads are in good condition, showing minimal wear, though her left paw has repairs. All her joints work fine, and she has shoe-button eyes, and a black-embroidered nose and mouth Al but one of her claws are intact.

There’s some settlement of stuffing around Ellie-May’s upper torso, so her head tends to tilt slightly to one side, but it makes her look sweetly-endearing. She has a good covering of gold mohair. It’s faded in places, and not quite as dark as in our pics.Overall, though Ellie-May is in lovely condition for her age.


Even though I’m very old I try and look my prettiest best. I’m wearing my most favourite dress. It ‘s embroidered all over and trimmed with peach satin ribbons, with tiny rosebuds at the waist.

There’s an attached petticoat, for added decorum, and I love it!

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