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A well-loved Merrythought teddy, with wishbone earbutton and embroidered footlabel c.1930s. Daisy is 46 cms (18″) tall, and has been restored in the past with a re-stitched nose and mouth, replaced felt pads and webbed claws.

She has amber glass eyes, and is stuffed with kapok. Her joints all work fine, and she’s a lovely sturdy bear. Daisy’s gold mohair has faded to blonde over the years, especially at the front – too much sun exposure no doubt!

There’s also patchy bald areas, but she’s a lovable character, wearing her vintage Victorian-style bathing costume, with a shell necklace and little straw hat. Daisy also travels with her oversized prescription sunglasses and is all set for the beach!


I adore sitting in the sunshine, but it’s taken its toll on my complexion over the years. A case of too many rays! So, what I need is some high SPF sun protection to wear, but I’m not sure it would work on fur.

As I’m now very old, I’m thinking maybe I won’t bother, and just grow even older, gracefully.


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