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An unusual, old velvet monkey with original features, including felt-backed black button eyes. Daddy Longlegs is unjointed and stuffed with kapok, though his limbs are sewn in such a way as to swing about. He has a comical puckered mouth with red wool lips, and tiny pinhead nostrils. His long curly tail has wire running through it.

Daddy Longlegs measures 20 cms (8″) long (head and torso), and his bent legs are 8 cms (7″) long. He’s a very portly ape, and in very good condition with just a few small seam repairs and a darn to his tail. Daddy is wearing his own waistcoat, which is tacked to him at the front. His jaunty neck bow and straw hat are more recent additions.


My arms are almost as long as my legs, and my tail is even longer! They enable me to climb trees and swing from branch to branch. I can even hang upside down if I feel like it. However, my tree-climbing days are behind me now, because I’m very old and I’d rather sit with my legs crossed watching the younger ones monkey around.



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