A cute English Lefray bear c.1950s, Fiske has a working growler and is 46 cms (18″) tall. Woodwool-stuffed, Fiske has kept most of his original features, including sewn-in plastic amber eyes, a black-stitched nose and mouth, and rexine pads.

Earlier this year, Fiske was treated to a professional clean and pamper, to make him ship-shape! His stuffing was topped up in his muzzle, and a few stitches added to his nose. The tip of his left paw pad was repaired too, and there’s a neat darn to the side of one foot.

Overall, Fiske is a bonny bear. His joints all work fine, and he has a good covering of gold mohair. Wearing his sailor collar and hat, Fiske also carries his Marines bag – he can’t decide if he wants to be a sailor or a commando!


I don’t think I’m cut out to join the Royal Marines. They’re one of the most elite forces in the world. Though I’d quite like to wear their famous green beret!

Instead, I carry my little Marines bag which contains a packet of sweeties, in case I get peckish while sailing about on the ocean waves. My name is Anglo-Saxon meaning ‘fish’, but I haven’t managed to catch one yet!

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