A cute, 1930s Chad Valley Magna teddy, with footlabel, now unreadable. Cuthbert is 40 cms (16″) tall, and has original nose and mouth stitching.

His brushed cotton footpads are also original, though in the past both heels have been patched, and his paw pads completely replaced. However, the fabric used is a very good match.

Cuthbert’s glass eyes are also replacements, and he’s stuffed with kapok (head woodwool). His joints work fine and, in 2017, he was treated to a professional spa and pamper!

This involved a clean and brush-up, his arms rejuvinated with extra stuffing, plus a small darn to his left ear.

Overall, Cuthbert is in lovely condition. Although his mohair has faded over the years, the coverage is still plentiful.

This charming old boy is wearing his vintage knitted waistcoat and shorts, with hand-dyed neck ribbon.


My name is Anglo-Saxon, meaning ‘famous and brilliant’.

I like it! Makes me feel very special, though I’m not sure I completely live up to the brilliant part.

But I’ll do my best.



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