A very pretty, early American humpbacked teddy with original features and a working squeaker, Connie is made of nettle fabric and stands 46 cms (18″) tall.

The old girl has suffered some moth damage in the past. So there’s a few small holes here and there, and her left cheek has been patched and darned, but it’s a nice neat job.

Woodwool-stuffed, Connie has a cute brown twill nose, and a black-stitched mouth, plus amber glass eyes. Her felt pads are in fairly good condition, though do show slight surface wear.

All Connie’s joints work fine and, overall, she’s a really sweet character with a super long pointy nose. Attired in her lovely vintage dress and hat, Connie also carries her old beaded purse, and wears a genuine pearl earring.


I’ve worn a pearl earring for as long as I can remember, though don’t expect I was born with it! There’s a famous oil painting called ‘Girl with ta pearl earring’ by the 17th century painter Johannes Vermeer.

In 1999 the creation of the painting was fictionalised in an historical novel of the same name. Then, in 2003 a film was made based on the book.

Maybe someone will now write a book about me, called ‘Bear with a pearl earring’!