A cute, and very lovable JK Farnell bear c.1930s. Gorhan is 48 cms (19″) tall, and has been restored in the past. His amber glass eyes and felt pads are replacements, along with his nose and mouth stitching. Also, there’s some neat repair work to his muzzle, including patched inserts.

Gorhan’s head is stuffed mainly with woodwool, while the rest of his body is mostly kapok. His joints work fine, and he has a wonderful amount of silky gold mohair. There’s a little thinning here and there, and a few areas of patchy baldness, along with some fading to his face.

Overall, though, Gorhan is a lovely sturdy ted, with an adorable upturned nose and big feet! He’s wearing his brown velvet trousers with a delightful London-themed shirt, decorated with zoo animal appliques, and a Palace Guard on parade.

Gorhan also travels with his wooden London Town bus, a souvenir from the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations in 2012. He’s a city boy at heart!


My name is Old English meaning ‘one who lives in the mud hut’. I suppose if I resided at London Zoo, the accommodation might well be made of mud. Not sure I like that idea, so I’ll give it a wide berth, in case they mistake me for a real bear!



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