A charming pair of vintage Chiltern pals. Chuck is the smaller of the two, measuring 33 cms (13″), while his mate Chas is an inch taller. They’re from the same private collection, and are wearing their own cute hand-knitted jumpers. Available as a pair for 115 GBP, or individually. Read all about them in our full description below.


Guess what? We’re both called Charles! So to avoid confusion, we’ve given ourselves the pet names of Chuck and Chas.

Though to be honest, we often forget which one of us is Chuck, and which is Chas, so  now we’re more confused than our bear friends!

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Character info

Chuck (13″) tall c.1940s

Chuck is an original flat-faced Chiltern Hugmee, stuffed with kapok (head woodwool). He has amber glass eyes and a black-embroidered nose and mouth.

Although the rexine coating has worn off his pads, they’re in good condition – complete with inky markings made by his child owner! There’s an underlined letter B on his left paw, while his left foot spells out BEAR. We can’t quite read the other two pads.

Despite his obvious baldness in some areas, Chuck still has plenty of gold mohair and all his joints work fine.  He also has a lovely little smile. His old brooch says ‘Walsee’, and has a little bell attached. Price: 55 GBP

Chas (14″) tall c.1930s/40s

Chas is also kapok-stuffed, with woodwool in his head. He has original amber glass, and a black-embroidered nose and mouth. (We’re not sure if his nose is actually original). But his cotton twill pads are, and they’re in minty condition, with a full set of claws.

There’s some patchy baldness here and there, but Chas still has plenty of bright gold mohair, and all his joints are in good order. He’s a handsome character, wearing his jumper pinned with an old imperial royal badge. Price: 68 GBP.