A really cute 1950s Chiltern panda with a yen for Chop Suey! Measuring 33 cms (13″) tall, Suey is mostly stuffed with kapok, and woodwool in his head.

Suey is all original, except for a re-stitched nose which has been sewn horizontally, instead of vertical. His eyes are amber glass, backed by black felt – the felt on the left is worn and a little shredded, while the other has a small tear. His brushed cotton pads are in good condition, and all his claws are intact.

Suey’s joints work fine, though his head is slightly wobbly, but secure. He has wonderful mohair coverage, and is a lovely old bear, wearing his dungarees and neck ribbon. He also travels with his chopsticks!


I think I’m going to complain to the chef, because my noodles aren’t cooked! And the dish isn’t chop suey at all, because it’s missing a lot of vital ingredients such as eggs, vegetables, bean sprouts, cabbage and celery! 

So, looks as though I’ll have to go and do some quick stir-frying myself.


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