A fabulous, Charlie Bears fluffy long-haired Tiggs cat made in 2014 and now retired, though he looks pretty lively to us! Tiggs is in beautiful original condition, complete with ID swing tag, back seam label, and bell necklace.

Fully-jointed, Tiggs measures 39 cms (15″) tall when standing on his hind legs.  He has staring blue lock-in safety eyes with felted backs, and a peach-embroidered nose and mouth. His pads are suedette, and he’s stuffed with a mix of polyester fibre and polypropylene pellets, giving him both weight and poise.

Tiggs’ forelegs are bent at the elbow in a pouncing position, and he has playful downturned paws, ready to catch his  toy mouse.  His fur is mostly ginger, white and cream, with greyish striped ‘tiger’ markings at the back, and also his bushy tail. He has a classic feline face – deadly serious!