A super sweet, Chad Valley Magna bear with red embroidered footlabel c.1930s. Mabel is 36 cms (14″) tall, and her features are all original.

Typically, Mabel’s body and limbs are kapok-stuffed, with woodwool in her head. She has amber glass eyes, and a black-embroidered nose and mouth.

Mabel’s brushed cotton pads are in good condition, though her paws are a little worn, and have been secured with wrist stitches. Her joints all work fine, but her squeaker has packed up.

Having kept a great deal of her gold mohair, with some fading to her face, Mabel is a lovely sturdy ted. Wearing her pretty lace collar, hung with a handmade miniature felt bag smelling sweetly of lavender, Mabel is a delightful, and very lovable character.


My name is Latin, and means ‘amiable and loving – an endearing companion’.

So I’m everything you could possibly want from a teddy bear!





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