A much-treasured, early humpbacked Steiff bear with ‘ff’ underscored earbutton c.1908. Barnie is 41 cms (16″) tall, and has original boot button eyes.

He’s been restored in the past, but still has a poorly arm encased in a striped bandage, pinned with an old badge, ‘Ah! There.’ Also, his right ear is a replacement.

Despite his wear and tear over the years, Barnie remains a good sturdy ted with plenty of gold mohair. He’s dressed in his knitted dungarees and scarf, and is a very dear character with a lovely countenance.


My name is German and means ‘Brave as a bear’. This is very apt, all things considered. I’ve suffered quite a few injuries during the past century, but it’s because I was loved so very much.

However, I’m not completely worn out  – far from it! I’m just hitting my prime, so I don’t wish to retire to the attic for quite some time!


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Character info

Brave Barnie Steiff bear is a love-worn character of immense charm. The old boy has undergone various sympathetic repairs over the years, including patches to his muzzle, chest, and top of left arm which also has a split, roughly in the middle, and is neatly bandaged up. We haven’t disturbed it, but if anyone wants to see the condition of his arm, we’ll ask him if we can remove it.

Barnie’s woodwool-stuffing has settled a little in the tops of his legs. However, overall he’s a good solid bear. All his joints work fine, but his growler has packed up. He has an old re-stitched nose and mouth, and a completely recovered footpad, while both paws are almost completely patched.

Barnie’s right ears is a replacement, but it’s a reasonably good match, and he has plenty of gold mohair, especially at the back. He’s by no means perfect, but incredibly lovable.