Dear old Boodles Steiff no longer retains his earbutton, but has oodles of charm. His features are original, except for a replaced footpad, and he’s 40 cms (16″) tall.

Boodles has kept virtually all of his  white mohair, now mellowed to blonde with age. This adorable character is wearing his cute velvet knickebockers, with leather braces and neck-ribbon. BOODLES IS ONLY AVAILABLE UNTIL 31ST OCTOBER 2017.


I’ve no idea why I’m called Boodles, except it rhymes with oodles, and even noodles! I could probably think of many more words, but I like Boodles, so I won’t bother.

I’m very fond of my doggy companion, Charlie, as we’ve lived together for quite some time. Being a spaniel he’s a great lapdog and keeps my legs warm much better than a hot water bottle!

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Character info

Gorgeous Boodles, early white mohair Steiff bear c.1908, is stuffed with woodwool. He has original boot button eyes, and a tan-stitched nose and mouth, plus matching claws.

One of his footpads is an old replacement, very nicely done, while his other pads are in good condition, with just a sewn repair across the tip of his right paw, and also along the side of one foot. His other footpad has two tiny holes.

Also, there’s a small darn to the top of one arm, hidden by his fur, otherwise he’s in great shape. Boodles has retained virtually all of his fur and his joints work fine. With his cute humped back, and the most adorable expression, he’s the kind of bear that will steal your heart.

Boodles’ photo companion is an early Steiff King Charles spaniel is sold.