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A mega rare, early clockwork monkey, possibly by Schuco or Bing. Barber is all original and made of tinplate covered in brown mohair. He stands 11.5 cms (4.5″) high, and has tiny amber glass eyes.

When Barber’s key-winder is turned, his tail whizzes round full circle, at a very fast speed! He simultaneously moves his right arm to comb his fur, while holding his mirror in the other hand. This is one vain monkey!

We’ve attempted to capture his mechanical actions in some of our pics – but he moves so fast it was very tricky!

Barber shows some wear to his fur, and his plastic comb and mirror are a little grubby with age – or rather use! Overall, though, he’s in pretty good shape, and is one of the most entertaining novelties we’ve ever come across.


Novelty! I’m not a novelty, I’m just a monkey who takes great pride in his appearance. I don’t see anything wrong with looking one’s best, and fur needs to be regularly combed to stop it getting tangled  in knots.

OBN have nicknamed me ‘Barber’ because that’s where males go to get themselves spruced up. In fact I’m thinking of opening a special Ape Barber Shop for all my friends. It could be a money-spinner!