A darling little JK Farnell bear, with the early upturned nose c.1915. Baby Hamish is only 28 cms (11″) tall, and has original brushed cotton footpads with carded soles. His nose stitching is also original, while his mouth has been resewn in the past. and his paw pads re-covered.

Stuffed with woodwool, Hamish has shoebutton eyes which may be replacements, and a non-working growler. His chin is a little threadbare,  but his joints all work fine, and he’s kept most of his yellow-gold mohair.

Overall, Hamish is in great condition for his age, and is dressed in his old handmade Scottish outfit, complete with sporran. A super cute little character.


Scotsmen are often asked what they wear under their kilts. Well, I can reveal that I wear a tartan pair of shorts, and in my sporran I keep a tiny handkerchief. So, mystery solved!


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