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A very early humpbacked American ted, possibly Ideal, with a lovely genial expression. Benjamin is all original and stuffed with kapok. He’s 36 cms (14″) tall, and has a triangular-shaped head with a long protruding muzzle (filled with woodwool). Both shoebutton eyes are surface-worn, but his felt pads are near minty.

Although Benjamin has good mohair coverage, some areas of his backing cloth are fragile and he has a few repairs.  They include the front of his left leg, and darning to the back of his head (see pics).

Also, there’s a threadbare area close to his right leg joint, showing his carded disc (see pic). The top of his torso too, has a repair to one side, and a worn area to the left, mostly covered by his fur.

For all his fragility, Benjamin’s joints are in good working order, and he’s a really charming old boy, wearing his handmade velvet waistcoat, with hand-dyed neck ribbons.


I believe I’m over a century old, so it’s not surprising I’m showing my age! But unlike many geriatric bears, I haven’t gone bald, so I think I’m doing pretty good.

I can sit upright, without stooping, and I’m very soft and cuddly. So I have plenty to quietly smile about!





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