An endearing, short bristle mohair American ‘top-stitch’ ted, Hepsibeth measures 59 cms (23″) tall. She has a large triangular-shaped head, typical of early Ideal bears, along with original nose and mouth embroidery.

One of Hepsi’s glass eyes is likely to be a very old replacement, as it’s smaller than the other and a slightly darker colour.  Her pads too, were replaced long ago. The woodwool stuffing has settled around her neck, but although her head slumps forwards, her burly chest amply supports it!

All Hepsi’s joints work fine, though one arm is a tad stiff. Overall, she’s a good sturdy bear, with a reasonable amount of gold fur, plus the unique, early American style of stitches being sewn on top of her seams. She’s a really sweet character, and is wearing her cosy knitted outfit pinned with a President Roosevelt campaign badge ‘. ‘Teddy is good enough for me’.


Theodore ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt was the American President who reputedly inspired the first teddy bears to be made, after he refused to shoot a bear cub while on a hunting trip in 1902.

The event was reported in the Washington Post, illustrated with the now famous cartoon drawn by Clifford K Barrymore. Russian emigre, Morris Michtom, was inspired to produce his own toy bear to sell in his Brooklyn store. He called it Teddy’s Bear and the rest is history.



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