A lovely old American horse made of short bristle brown mohair, Mister Ed is woodwool-stuffed and unjointed. He stands 18 cms (7″) high, and 26 cms (10″) long from nose to tail. He has amber glass eyes, and his legs are internally wired.

Mister Ed is wearing his original rexine saddle and corded harness. His little ears are also rexine, and his tail is composed of strands of black cotton thread. He’s in overall good condition, having kept virtually all of his velvet-smooth coat.

Specially for Christmas, we’ve given Mister Ed a festive homespun knitted blanket (made from a sock!), along with a matching bell hat.  He also wears a tiny brass bell round his neck, and travels with his blue enamel hay bucket.


I’m named after a famous 1960s American fictional TV sitcom, starring a palamino gelding. Mister Ed was a talking horse, but he only spoke to his accident-prone owner, Wilbur.

The show was based on a series of short stories written by Walter R. Brooks, first published in 1937. Mister Ed was aired from 1961-66, and was hugely popular.

If you adopt me, don’t be surprised if one day I suddenly whisper in your ear that I would like my bucket filled with fresh hay!


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