‘Allo ‘Allo’, here’s Rene a charming French Fadap bear c.1920s/30s. He’s all original and stands 48 cms (19″) tall.  Fully-jointed, Rene has clear glass eyes, and signature nose-stitching with the long outer threads.

His cotton pads are in good condition, and he has an overall covering of short gold mohair. Rene’s growler still makes a brief grunt, and he’s wearing his patriotic, French-themed outfit – we’re not sure if he’s dressed for sailing or running his cafe!


Now listen carefully, I shall say this only once…I’m named after Rene Artois, a fictitious character in the popular British BBC TV sitcom ‘Allo ‘Allo’ which was screened from 1982-92.

The series was set in Rene’s small cafe in the town of Nouvion, in German-occupied France during WW2. It was very funny, especially the French accents!


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Character info

This charming French Fadap bear c.1920’s/30s, is completely original and measures 48 cms (19″) tall. Woodwool-stuffed, Rene is fully-jointed and has a growler that still makes a brief grunt. His eyes are clear glass with black pupils, and he has a black-stitched nose and mouth.

As with most of Fadap’s pre-WW2 teddies, Rene’s pads are made of cotton. Apart from a darned repair to the tip of one paw, and a little fraying to his other, they’re in good condition. In the past, both Rene’s ears have been re-attached and, although his short gold mohair plush shows overall thinning, he still has plenty to shout about.

A good sturdy bear, Rene is wearing his French-inspired striped Tee-shirt pinned with a red, white and blue jewelled pin attached to patriotic ribbon. Also a red and white spotted cotton neckerchief, and vintage grey velvet beret trimmed with French ribbon. ‘Allo ‘Allo!

Fadap stands for ‘Fabrication Artistique d’Animaux en Peluche’, and the company first started making teddy bears in 1925. The early ones often had a seam under their chin (like Rene), and also an embossed metal earbutton.