An engaging, 1950s Irish bear made by Tara Toys, with ‘Made in the Republic of Ireland’ foot label. Owen is 56 cms (22″) tall, and has a faint working growler.

Apart from his nose which looks to have been re-stitched, Owen is all original and  in lovely condition, with lots of bright gold mohair.

This charming chappie is wearing his jumper and denims, plus an old tatty scarf pinned with a prefect badge.


I’m reading Rupert the Bear, where the picture captions all rhyme. It’s a novel idea, so I’ll try it myself. My name is Owen and I like to sit on a shelf! I was born in Ireland, but I’ve travelled across water to a different land.

The weather in the UK can be quite foul, which makes me give a complaining, though very faint, growl! 

But if you adopt me I think I’ll cheer up. As long as you give me some tasty sweet honey in a cup!


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Character info

Irish Owen dates from 1953, when Erris Toys changed to Tara Toys. He’s stuffed with with cotton flack and woodwool, and is fully-jointed. He has original amber glass eyes, and mouth stitching, while his nose has most likely been resewn in the past.

Owen’s rexine pads are now mostly worn down to the cotton cloth backing, but in good condition. All his claws are intact, and he’s a wonderful chunky ted with plenty of luscious gold mohair.