A charming little white plush French ted c.1950s, with visible rod-jointed legs. Val is 26 cms (10″) tall and has comical, oversized amber plastic eyes and a wonky protruding muzzle.

Stuffed with a mix of kapok and woodwool, Val’s neck is unjointed, along with her arms. Her black linen nose is partly worn away, and she has a re-stitched mouth. Typically, her ear linings and pads are a contrasting colour, and her head is flat as a pancake!

Showing overall patchy fur loss, Val’s plush has aged over the years to a greyish shade of white. Overall, though, she’s a good sturdy bear with a very cute face, and is wearing her pretty pink polka dot jacket.


My name is French and short for Valerie, meaning ‘strong’, which indeed I am. However, I have very swingy legs so find it difficult standing up. But I’d rather sit anyway, so that’s alright.

I’m pictured with my good friend Viv. She’s a gregarious character, and together we have a lot of laughs!

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